Who Wouldn’t Watch a DMX Reality Show Called “X-ual Healing”?



VH1’s Hip Hop Honors premieres tonight, Oct. 13 at 9/8c, featuring awe-inspiring performances celebrating 25 years of Def Jam, and your host for the evening, Tracy Morgan. BWE.tv was live on the red carpet and snagged interviews with some of the stars and performers of HHH — which will be well worth your time tonight. We bring you those interviews here.

Rapper DMX – whose birth name is the much less intimidating Earl Simmons — has made an acronymed name for himself as both a six times platinum rap superstar and talented actor. We caught up with DMX on the red carpet, where he took the high road when it came to how many hundreds of pounds of diamonds he had on his cut physique:

Hip-Hop-Honors-LogoMichelle: DMX, who are you wearing tonight, my darling?
DMX: Crown Holder.
Michelle: And how many carats do you have on –- be honest.
DMX: Ah, we’re not gonna get into that.
Michelle: Really? I like your style. Classy.
DMX: It’s not about the jewelry, but what I can say is that I’ll be rockin’ the Bloodline – my clothing line onstage.
Michelle: Very nice. Can you tell us what you’re performing?
DMX: “Party Up.”
Michelle: One of my favorites! One last question – When you said “X Gonna Give It to Ya” — and please forgive me — but what was “It?”
DMX: What you want it to be… from me… onstage.
Michelle: Good answer. A gentleman. Now, why don’t you have a VH1 reality show? Have you ever considered it?
DMX HIP HOP HONORS 2DMX: I actually have one.
Michelle: Wait, what? You’re lying.
DMX: Yeah.
Michelle: It’s on TV?!
DMX: We start filming next month.
Michelle: Oh, thank God. All I watch is VH1 (Ed. Note: Boss Bonus Points), I almost freaked. What is your show called?
DMX: Don’t know yet.
Michelle: Can I suggest something?
DMX: Yes.
Michelle: X-Appeal. What do you think?
DMX: (long pause)
Michelle: …X-ual Healing?
DMX: Oh, oh. [laughs]
Michelle: You can use that. Don’t credit me.

Hip Hop Honors celebrating 25 Years of Def Jam premieres tonight, October 13, at 9 PM ET/PT only on VH1.

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