Zach Braff Is Not Dead, And Funny Too


Zach Braff was supposed to be dead? We must have missed that rumor along with most of the world, but it’s pissed off the actor so much that he made a YouTube video to, er, prove he’s not. The Scrubs star filmed the half angry half amused tirade from the set of the hit TV show to dispel the hoax news that he’d committed suicide, which started when a Twitter feed linked to a fake CNN page.

Zach’s not-dead performance is pretty funny, as he says: “If I was going to do it myself, it do it the way that everyone else would – with pots and pans. He said I died in my 32,000 square foot home in Beverly Hills… I’m not Oprah.” Even better, it ends with Donald Faison singing an R’n’B version of Wing Beneath My Wings. ¬†Moving!

“To the douchebag that started this, you win my first ever ‘Douche of the Day’ award for making my mom upset,” Zach adds. What’s more, that “douchebag” has gone on the original page to defend his actions, explaining it was something to fool his friends back in 2007, and wasn’t meant for public consumption, only something happened with the bandwidth etc etc.¬† He ends by optimistically reaching out to Zach via Twitter and Facebook. Got a feeling those friend requests won’t be OK’d, though!

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