Lindsay Lohan Showed Up At Court Looking Like This



Honestly, what else is there to even say? Lindsay Lohan was back in court today in Los Angeles, because she’s reportedly been skipping out on her alcohol education classes that were part of her probation agreement. The former actress turned rich hobo was granted another year to complete the terms of her probation, which, according to her lawyer, has been difficult for Lindsay because she’s “extremely busy.”

Gallivanting around France with one’s underage sister while designing hooker outfits can really wipe a girl out, as evident by Lindsay’s unkempt look in court. We’ve got no problem with wrinkles (let’s be honest, we’ve got a few of our own) – but at 23? Something just isn’t adding up.

Even if she does bath in a sea of Marlboro smoke each morning, the girl’s too young to be looking this rough. Perhaps there’s some truth to her father Michael Lohan‘s recent rant to Maury Povich that his baby girl is a wreck because – he alleges – she’s hooked on prescription pills?  [Photos: GettyImages]

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