Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay Features Most Talented Cast of Actors Ever Assembled For a Film


OY-VEY-BRUCE-VILANCHEWhen a friend passed along this trailer for “Oy Vey! My Son is Gay!” (via Buzzfeed), I assumed, as we all would, that this was going to be some sort of over the top, super super G, insensitive, Nia Vardalos-like piece-of-shtick movie puke that would stink my entire office up with the scent of palpable corpse rot.

Then, something unprecedented happened.

The trailer… looked… AMAZING. One thud after another, our collective jaws dropped bone-trou at the INCREDIBLE CAST (all caps indicate zero sarcasm) (last aside was really serious) (great, now everything sounds sarcastic).

OY-VEY-SAUL-RUBINEK-2First, our eyes feasted upon Lainie Kazan, who has already proven her incredible Jewish motherly skills as the matron saint in You Don’t Mess With the Zohan. No one can wear a long plus-sized Dana Buchman blazer like Lainie, believe us. Then, even better, Saul Rubinek rolls in as her husband. If, like us, True Romance is one of your favorite movies, then you, like us, have had a serious “Rubinek Hole” (medical term) in your heart since his star turn as Lee Donowitz, the cokey director of Coming Home in a Body Bag and professional Balki-asswhipper.

But things only get better from there. Next thing I know, Queer Eye’s Jai Rodriguez is all “Vassup?” and then Bruce Vilanche comes out of nowhere, slaps me in the face with a piece of ham, and is like “Hayyyy!”. Before I can order another cosmo, Vincent “Big Pussy” Pastore rolls in to butch things up a little. It’s a mindf*ck from space.

Then Carmen Electra shows up and pees all over our Jellyfish parade.

No matter. Even Carmen Electra can’t spoil this trailer/movie. Good on the casting people for pulling together C- and D-list talent that is actually talented, and making a trailer that actually looks, well, adorable.

So? Noo? When is it coming out? Wait a second… How could they not use the obvious “Coming Out in November” pun? Did Boat Trip already hop on that sh*t or what?

In other news, you cold always save yourself the time and money and sit through this, the film’s original inspiration clearly:

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