Cami Parker: The Bunny Ranch’s Hot New Commodity



Model Cami Parker may be Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch’s hottest new property, but the 22-year-old Canadian is already a pro who sat down with TheFABlife to tell us all about how she is already “working A LOT” at the buzzed-about brothel. So how did this petite blonde end up at the Bunny Ranch? Cami tells TheFABlife, “I saw Dennis on Tyra, so I wrote a letter expressing my interest, and immediately they replied and asked me to come out!”

Working for Dennis Hof, who Cami refers affectionately to as “Daddy,” got  off to a great start, and Cami had some pretty interesting first clients. “I didn’t even have my Sheriffs card yet.[All Bunny Ranch girls are required to have a Sheriffs Card, which is essentially their work permit, while employed at the Ranch.] These two guys came in and they were like, ‘Wow,’ when they saw me, which was so funny because I always get picked when I’m just wearing my sweats. They started asking Daddy to break the rule, but he told them no and that I would have my Sherriff’s card the next day.”

But don’t worry, this story has a happy ending! Cami tells TheFABlife that “…the next day, they actually came back! They paid $1500, but it was odd because one friend was totally eating my pu$$y after his friend just f**ked it, which I found strange, but hey, it’s a cool story to tell.”

While working at the Bunny Ranch, which she refers to as “Disneyland for grownups,” Cami is concurrently writing a novel and one day dreams to be “a wife and mom.” But for now, the Bunny Ranch is her family. “The girls are all very nice. I am closer to some than others,” she teases. As for her personal dating preferences? “I like girls too, but I am more picky with girls than with guys. I won’t do anything I don’t want to do!”

Check out Cami on Howard Stern on Thursday and see more of this hottie in our gallery of Cami Parker photos below! [Photo: Marty’s Photography]

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