KIDNAPPED: Fraternities Still Acting Like Brain-Damaged Animals; Put Goat in a Tutu


GOAT IN A TUTUGoats are easily this planet’s most underrated creature. Adorable, friendly, good for the environment. They have human teeth faces and they eat our trash. We stroke ‘em at the petting zoo when we’re little, shove a handful of kibble into their adorable people mouths and eventually cease to even give a care about God’s humble goat.

Unless you’re in a fraternity. In which case, goats are still hilarious. The following news report tells the story of one such fraternity, who kiddnapped — ha — a local goat named Bluebird, put her in a tutu, and tied her to a lamppost. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t disappointed that no footage or this lil’ lady in the tutu made it into the report. Anyway, this is kind of sad, but has a happy ending. And… goats!

(With thanks to 96.1 Kiss FM’s @FSBigBob for the tip.)


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