Ashley Greene On Her Fave New Moon Scene


Now that shooting for Eclipse has ended [sheds tear] the Twilight kids are busy promoting New Moon, which premieres in less than a month, not that we’re counting the days or anything. In this clip, Ashley Greene talks to our pals at MTV about her favorite scene in New Moon. Other interesting Twi-dirt that the starlet reveals: during down time she her co-stars watched our favorite YouTube video “Kittens Inspired By Kittens,” and she and Kristen Stewart are besties after bonding as some of the only girls on-set.

“During New Moon, especially in Italy, me and Kristen were, like, the only girls. So there was a lot of girly giggling going on,” says Ash. We have a hard time imagining Kristen Stewart doing anything girly that requires a smile, but we’ll take Ashley’s word for it!

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