Sienna Miller And Jude Law Reunited: We Don’t Buy It



This is our favorite story of the day, because we absolutely don’t buy it. Sure, they are both in New York doing Broadway shows, but there is no way Jude Law and Sienna Miller are getting back together. E! Online reports that they “have met up a few times and got on really well.” Please. They probably met up for a coffee or at the most they are comfortable with each other and met up to bump uglies a few times. An oldie but a goodie. He banged the nanny while they were engaged and now he has an illegitimate baby with a woman he “doesn’t remember.” If those are not two red flags, I don’t know what is. Sleeping with your ex is borderline acceptable, but if Sienna Miller does get back together with him, she really has gone nuts. As if sleeping with married Balthazar Getty wasn’t enough – this would really take the cake. [Photo: Getty Images]

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