Angelina Jolie Slept With Her Mom’s Boyfriend?



Move over, Mackenzie Phillips, this is a hotter and sexier family scandal! Angelina Jolie may be a globetrotting humanitarian bicycle-giving mother of six now, but once she was a self-mutilating drug addict who, according to a new book, slept with her mother’s boyfriend?! In a new scandalous tell-all biography, author Andrew Morton claims that a 16-year-old Angelina banged her mom Marcheline Bertrand‘s man.

“Marcheline had a live-in boyfriend whom she was very much in love with, but Ange slept with him when she was 16 and barely out of school. Her mother found out and ended her relationship with the man,” a source says the book alleges.

The source even says that Ange’s BFF brother James, who she famously kissed at the 2000 Oscars, was upset with his sister when he heard the story. “When Ange admitted the story to her brother James just a few weeks ago, even he turned on her. She has hardly anyone left in life who likes or trusts her,” the source says. Hmmm, we hardly believe she has “no one left in life who likes or trusts her.” Shiloh and Zahara seem to like their sexy mama just fine.

Even if the supposed affair may have caused a rift, when Marcheline died in 2007, she and Angelina had clearly patched things up, as Angelina was reportedly devastated and looked visibly thin and worn out following her mother’s death. [Source: NYDN; Photo: Getty Images]

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