Cami Parker: Diary From The BunnyRanch



Cami Parker is the hottest new girl at Dennis Hof’s Moonlite BunnyRanch and only on Scandalist will you be able to read her personal diary – her trials, tribulations, sexual exploits – from her anticipation packing up and leaving New York City to move cross country to work at the ranch for Dennis Hof, who she affectionately calls “Daddy,” and her new adventures paling around with her sexy friends in the Playboy Mansion grotto; you can read it all here exclusively on Scandalist in “Cami Parker: Diary From The BunnyRanch.”

Dear Diary,

It’s me Cami. WOW! What a crazy, busy week I’ve had! Busy, busy, busy! Last Saturday, Daddy and I took a trip to LA. He sent me to this incredible salon to get my hair done and I just LOVED it! My hair looks so gorgeous and the salon was so so beautiful. I love being pampered and I felt like a real princess! Daddy’s so good to me… He makes me really happy :o)

After, we went to this really amazing restaurant (I absolutely live for Asian food, and this was the best) and saw some sights. I went to the Chinese theater and was absolutely thrilled to find that my hands fit in Marilyn Monroe’s. She’s my idol! So beautiful, glamorous and iconic! After that, we went back to the hotel (we stayed at the Roosevelt) to get ready for a party at the Playboy Mansion. Daddy was so so so sweet and let me choose who to bring to the party with us. OF COURSE I picked my girlfriends Arianna Star and HEIDI Lynn.

Read the rest of Cami’s diary after the jump, and check out sexy exclusive bikini photos of the BunnyRanch’s hot new commodity!

It was really great, getting all pretty with them, like being back in highschool and getting ready for the high school dances with my girlfriends. We all looked really beautiful, but of course, Daddy was the sexiest of us all! Daddy drove us to the party and it was just so incredible! I’m just a little Canadian girl and I never thought that I would be at the Playboy Mansion! It was so beautiful there, and lots of fun too! They had some fashion shows, and me and my girls jumped on the stage and just started dancing. Everybody was taking our photos which was definitely not something I’m used to! We even got to go in the grotto! After the party we went to the rainbow room to get something to eat, then back to the hotel. I was soo sleepy, but not too tired for some amazing sex! Daddys the very best.

The very next day I had to fly out to Dallas to do a photo shoot. I didn’t arrive until late at night so I went to sleep right away because I knew I’d be waking up super early! As soon as I was awake the next day the photographer picked me up VERY early! Thank God we had time for a Starbucks stop. I couldn’t live without my am Starbucks! The makeup artist that did my face was not only talented but super sweet as well. She and the photographer both were. They made me feel super comfortable and I had a great time. The photos turned out super hot and I had so much fun! I’ve done a lot of shoots before but I think this was the best one I’ve ever done! Right after the shoot, I had to rush to the airport to fly to NYC to meet Daddy. As well as doing lots of fun stuff and media with my Daddy, I’m going to have to pack up my apartment. Permanently relocating from NYC to Carson City… Big change, big adventure! More later!

Cami Parker

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