Rod Stewart: Make Babies, Not Original Songs


Fans who wish Rod Stewart would quit it with the cover albums and write something original again, forget it—the 64-year-old singer is far too old for that crap. “Songwriting was never something that came naturally to me,” he told Spinner while promoting his new album, Soulbook. “I can’t imagine that I’ll ever put pen to paper ever again. I’m having too much fun doing these.”

Come on, Rod. “Maggie May”? “Every Picture Tells A Story”? “D’Ya Think I’m Sexy”? Those sound plenty natural to us. What doesn’t sound as natural is the sexagenarian’s desire to keep bringing babies to the world. Alistair, his 4-year-old son with wife Penny Lancaster, may be an older brother before (hopefully not) too long. “One more, then I’m going to close the office,” Rod told Entertainment Tonight. With his first of seven (and counting!) children now 45 years old, this rooster could be a great-grandfather in some circles. Ever thought of being a Viagra pitchman, Rod?

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