Dita Von Teese: Drugs Gave Me New Boobs



We’ve heard of drug use taking its toll on youthful good looks, but turning your bouncy rack into a floppy pair of spaniels’ ears is something new. But apparently that’s what happened to Dita Von Teese. The burlesque uberstar partied hard courtesy of of some pharmaceuticals back in the day, and blames that for her subsequent boob job.

“I was a bit of a party girl in the early ’90s and used LSD and Ecstasy. Eventually my weight dropped to 6stone 7lbs and I looked terrible, so I gave up drugs. My breasts never recovered, so when I was 21 I had 32D implants,” she said. While we’d never encourage popping pills en route to a replacement rack, personally, we think Dita’s plastic pair are some of the best going (take note, Victoria Beckham). [Photo: Getty Images]

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