Jim Carrey Allegedly Pretends To Be On Lots And Lots Of Meth To Promote Children’s Movie


Jim Carrey has been moonlighting as an insane boxcar hobo for monthsJim Carrey embarked on a nationwide train tour to promote his new film A Christmas Carol, but from the looks of these photos, he must have been stowed away in a box car the whole time with other hobos living off vermin he killed with his giant golden scissors.

I’m no publicist (the night classes are too expensive :-/) , but it may not be the best idea to show up to a press event for a fun family film while looking like Ted Kaczynski vomiting up rainbow spaghetti. I love me some wacky Jim Carrey, but not when he’s erratically wielding comically large sharp objects. Someone’s going to lose an eye. I’d sooner trust a dizzy, blindfolded second grader brandishing a nail gun.

Jim, I hope your movie is a success and I hope one day you get that Oscar nomination you should have gotten for The Truman Show or Eternal Sunshine, but it’s pictures like these that worry me you’re slowly turning in to sad, late-career Robin Williams. We already have a Robin Williams, and that is sort of too many Robin Williamses as it is.

More insane photos here [via Getty]:

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