Linda Hogan Calls Hulk’s Book “Sensationalism” And “Lies”



Hulk Hogan‘s suicidal thoughts and other turbulent events that have taken place in his life over the last two years are supposedly accurately recounted in his new book, My Life Outside The Ring, but his ex-wife Linda Hogan seems to think his “biography” should be shelved under “fiction.” Hulk makes shocking accusations about his ex-wife, claiming that she is an “abusive alcoholic,” which Linda vehemently denies.

“As far as what he has said about Linda, it’s not accurate about her being involved with heavy alcohol and being abusive, and trying to hit Nick with a wine bottle? Absolutely false. It’s disappointing and it is irritating. We disagree and wish he would have stuck to the facts instead of sensationalism to sell his book. It does reheat a lot of stuff, but it makes her feel all the more happy that she’s divorced and away from him. He’s Jennifer’s problem now,” Linda’s rep said, referencing Hulk’s new girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel.

Although Hulk and Linda’s daughter Brooke Hogan has reportedly had a rocky relationship with her mom, Linda’s rep says things are A-OK. “They’re very good. Brooke has been spending a lot of time with Linda in California. It’s been a great revolution that they are back together, mother and daughter, very close, and in fact, she talked to Brooke today at least once or twice,” Linda’s rep claims. “They’re back the way it was. It’s one nice thing about the divorce being over, the kids don’t have to feel they’re in the middle anymore.” [Source:; Photo: Getty Images]

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