What Does It Say About Me That I Know The Man Who Got This Bea Arthur Tattoo?


Friend, comedian and blogger Eliot Glazer tweeted an intriguing photo yesterday, that of an arm with perhaps the most glorious (depending on how you look at it) permanent homage to The Golden Girls of all time: A BEA ARTHUR MEMORIAL TATTOO. Witness:


While I have spent the last 27 or so hours refusing to believe this is a real thing that Eliot got on his actual arms, I have been assured by friends who have touched the above tattoo that it is, in fact, real. For a handful of money, a tattoo artist in Richmond, VA agreed to ink his arm with Bea’s sweet, if not terrifying, face. And today, confusion.

Sure, getting a Golden Girls tattoo is irrational and perhaps a bit over the top. But what does it say about me that I actually know this man? Today is going to be about reevaluating, I can tell you that much. And I know it’s 364 days away, but I might be Eliot’s tattoo come Halloween 2010.

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