Joss Stone: Lily Allen’s Not A Singer


Joss Stone fell out of favor in the UK a few years back when she appeared on stage at the Brit awards with a ludicrous American accent and tried to upstage Amy Winehouse by singing “Rehab.” And now about to relaunch herself with a new album, she’s doing no further favors by slating Lily Allen‘s recent attempts to clamp down on illegal file-sharing. By condescendingly stating it’s because Lily’s not a real singer. Riiiight.

“She needs to sell records because she’s not a singer, and that’s not an offence to her because I think that she knows that too… I think it’s probably harder for an artist like Lily and any other pop acts. It’s really about the track and about their personality and their celebrity and that’s how they make their money is selling those records,” she said. Lily’s not known for taking things lying down, and although she’s abandoned Twitter, we can soon see foolhardy Joss at the end of a verbal smackdown. Round two!

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