While You Were Muting “New York, New York” After The Fourth Go-Around


Yankees Sortagay

  • The New York Yankees won their 27th World Series, beating the Phillies 7-3. Their story has already become the focal point of the new Adidas ad campaign, “Possible Is Possible”.
  • Michael Jackson’s This Is It movie soundtrack topped the billboard charts, beating out the new Creed album for the top spot. Yesterday, if you had asked me what year we were living in, I would have answered confidently.
  • U2 is performing a free show in Berlin to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down, and put up a giant wall to block out concertgoers without tickets. They’ve also been tapping the phones of anyone in the East trying to grab tickets off Craigslist.
  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted kissing outside a New Moon screening. They’re not technically dating, they just both can’t not be kissed when seen by another human.
  • No Doubt is suing the makers of the game Band Hero for allowing players to use the band’s likeness to play any song in the game, not just No Doubt songs. In their response, Activision will attempt the rare “It’s a damn video game, dumbasses” defense.
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