Miley Cyrus Has “Never Heard a Jay-Z Song”


MILEY CYRUS PARTY IN THE USAWhen I first found out that my adorable, young, innocent niece was a huge Miley Cyrus fan, I was horrified. No relative of mine was going to be a tone-deaf baby prostitute, and I let my brother know emphatically that I did not in any way support this phase.

Then, something really weird happened. Miley’s song “Party in the USA” was released. And the next thing I knew, I was cutting my clothes off on the dance floor every time it came on. Say what you will about Miley, but there’s no denying the almost stroke-inducing catchness of P.I.T.USA. — you can put your hands up to it, move your hips to it, nod to it, and sing along like a wild jungle animal to it.

At the Halloween party I attended, the genius DJ’s mixed the “And a Jay-Z song was on” line directly into “Empire State of Mind”, and the room went literally beserk. A vampire punched a clown in the face, two Care Bears started making out, and fun was had by all. For the first time ever, I accepted Miley Cyrus into my heart.

Then, she had to go ahead and say something.

The following interview with Miley — who is dressed up for Halloween as a slutty Native American, we think – she admits the WORST thing we have EVER heard: She has never heard a Jay-Z song. Not one. She even has the audacity to say (Ed. Note: We are editing out roughly 80 percent of the “likes” and “you knows”):

Miley: I picked that song cause I needed something to go with my clothing line, I didn’t write it. And it wasn’t something that, like, I even expected to be popular, originally. It was just something that I wanted to do, I needed some songs, and it turned out for the best.

Interviewer: You’ve gotta have one in mind. “Big Pimpin'”? “Can I Get A”?

Miley: I’ve never heard a Jay-Z Song. I don’t listen to pop music and I, like, it’s not even my style of music, that song. But I’m just really blessed for it to have done as well as it has.


Miley: Yeah, and I’m just totally, totally blessed. God has definitely put me in an amazing position with amazing people.

Which leads us to ask: Why Is Miley Cyrus Trying To Make Us Hate “Party in the USA”?

You can see and hear the interview for yourself ahead.

(via ONTD)

F*ck me, Notting Hill is one of her favorite movies? It’s one of my favorite movies! Commenters, please tell me how to feel on this issue.

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