THE OFFICE: Michael’s Modest Future Flashes Before His Eyes


This week, the Michael / Pam’s Mom fling came to an abrupt halt with Michael’s realization that she’s 58 and about to become a grandmother, resulting in a characteristically awkward breakup on her birthday which he tries to play off as suddenly respecting Pam’s uneasiness with the situation. The meal itself was a little weird — did anyone else get the impression that Jim and Pam realized that Michael was having second thoughts and kept pushing him in that direction to break them up? How did they overlook how suddenly awkward he was being? — but when Michael finally calls off the relationship, Pam wants vengeance.

Pam ultimately takes up Michael on his throwaway offer “do you want to hit me” and, after some detailed punching lessons from Toby, meets Michael in the parking lot for one well-deserved, cathartic punch.

Here’s the big parking lot showdown, followed by the hilarious episode-concluding speech in which Michael describes the meticulously detailed life that flashes before his eyes:

Episode thoughts? Favorite parts/lines? Andy/Dwight sideplot nods? Predictions for the next multi-episode plotline? Leave ‘em in the comments.

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