An Interview With Doug Benson, Professional Humoredian


Doug Benson Unbalanced LoadDoug Benson — stand-up comedian, BWE Panelist, Last Comic Standing vet, and proprietor of the I Love Movies podcast, probably my favorite podcast on the ‘Tunes — recently swung by the VH1 offices and answered some questions about his recent comedy exploits and offered his thoughts on the 2009 pop culture year thusfar.

I’ve listed my questions below followed by Doug’s responses, so it’s like we’re talking to one another on the screen right in front of you! Enjoy.

It’s already November — Have you picked out your 10 Best Picture Nominees yet?

No, because most of the award bait films haven’t come out yet. Like OLD DOGS, for one.

What if you were forced to limit your list to just 8?

Like at gunpoint? That would be a weird thing to force somebody to do.

Favorite movie this year that definitely won’t get nominated for anything?


I love movies cdAny recent eight-words-or-less movie reviews you want to get off your chest?

THE BOX – It’s like Deal or No Deal, sans Howie.

What tv shows have you been keeping up with this season?

30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Rec – I only have time for 22 minute bursts of entertainment. I don’t even have time to say “recreation”!

Most pleasant surprise of the tv season? Biggest disappointment?

That Flash Forward hasn’t been canceled yet. And that Flash Forward hasn’t been canceled yet.

You’re a self-professed Twitter addict with an extremely loyal fanbase (45,000+ Followers) – has your Twitter addiction cooled off at all since the initial excitement, or just gotten worse?

It remains the same. Some days I tweet 30 times, while on other days, just 29.

You released your second cd, “Unabalanced Load,” over the summer, just one year after releasing your first, “Professional Humoredian.” Have you found it difficult at all to keep on performing as often as you have now that a solid 90-100 minutes of your go-to material is on cd?

Most people who come to my live shows haven’t listened to my CDs. The people who have might have to suffer through hearing a joke or two again.

Professional HumoredianYou also recently completed your Medical Marijuana Tour, performing shows in each of the 13 states with legalized medical marijuana in 13 days. What did you learn from this experience?

That apparently there’s a 14th state that we weren’t aware of. We didn’t go to Maryland because we didn’t know it was a medical marijuana state. I’m still not sure if it is or not. Stoner news tends to be a little foggy.

Do you feel like it’s a conflict of interest to support medical marijuana with such a rigorous, active touring schedule?

I wanted to prove that a stoner could go through such a rigorous schedule and not screw it up. And I did.

I imagine there are pros and cons to attracting a significant stoner audience and asking them to attend shows / sit and react for 50 minutes?

I don’t let my shows drag on and on, because I know the audience is jonesing for a smoke. And so am I!

Anything you’d like to say to the 37 states out there that still don’t allow medical marijuana?

Be like Maryland. If indeed Maryland is a medical marijuana state. Still not sure.

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