Joe Jackson Attacks MJ’s Estate, Wants To Be An Executor


Joe Jackson

Being left out of his estranged son’s will isn’t going to keep Joe Jackson for chasing his kid’s money. The notorious stage dad has filed papers against the estate of Michael Jackson, repeating claims that the singer’s current will is a fraud and that managers John Branca and John McClain should be replaced by…him! Though Branca and McClain’s lawyer says “these claims filed by Joe Jackson are so outrageous that they don’t deserve any response,” Joe’s lawyer says Dad can act as “an interested party who has the right to be an executor or personal representative.”

As noted earlier, if the will was found null and void, it’s more likely MJ’s will from 1997—which also excludes Joe—would be reinstated than that the court would hand Papa the keys to the safe. But all this legal wrangling could just be an attempt to push Branca and McClain to pay him a monthly stipend around $20,000, which he filed for last Friday. Maybe this is why he said Michael is “worth more dead than alive.”

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