Movie Blatantly Leaks Clip Of Jessica Alba’s Ass Getting Spanked, If You’re Into That


If I made a really crappy movie starring Jessica Alba, but she plays a prostitute and there’s one scene where she gets her ass spanked in bed, I’d go very very far out of my way to make sure that clip ‘leaked’ to the internet well in advance of the movie. And made sure animated GIFs and YTMNDs of the clip also ‘leaked’ to the internet. And that the entire trailer for the movie was that clip and the release date.

Then I would be all, “Oh no I can’t believe that clip of Jessica Alba’s ass getting spanked, which happens in our movie that opens on this date, leaked to the internet! Dearie me we are going to have to pull that clip off the internet and spank the people who put it up even harder than Jessica Alba gets spanked in the clip itself, in which her bare ass is also visible.

On the other hand, Casey Affleck is in the film (as the titular character, Dr. Spankenstein), and he was in like nine good movies in 2007, so maybe the movie’s actually alright. Also, Jessica Alba gets her ass spanked in the film, so there’s that too.

I don’t think we can embed the Killer Inside Me clip (I’m still not sure if we have rules / human decency here at VH1, it’s kind of a gray area), so click the image below to watch the scene:

Jessica Alba Spanked

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