Rock And Roll Hasn’t Died With Nicole Scherzinger…



…It’s just taking a very long nap. In the latest issue of UK Cosmo, the erstwhile Pussycat Dolls front woman Nicole Scherzinger admirably ‘fesses up about the “lot of effort” it takes to maintain her fierce shape (and we like her honesty rather than pretend oh-I-just-run-around-after-my-kids-and-have-a-fast-metabolism shtick that often gets spouted). But poor Nicole, with her unrelenting exercise and healthy lifestyle regime, her idea of vices are pretty lame.

“My weakness is my sweet tooth – I love Haribo sweets. I’ll have an occasional glass of red wine if I eat out, or a glass of rosé with friends. And a vodka, lime and soda is refreshing on a hot day. But my favourite drink in the world is water. Honestly! I swear by it. And if I want to go really crazy, I’ll add a Berocca tablet for a hit of vitamin C!” Yep, that’s a Berocca tablet to let your hair down. Sigh. With this crazy lifestyle. t’s a wonder she and Keith Richard haven’t palled up yet! [Photo: Getty Images]

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