Heidi And Spencer Tell Us “How to Be Famous”



You didn’t think they would let Lauren Conrad steal their thunder by being the only Hills star to put out a book, did you? Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt will be releasing their book, How to Be Famous, next week, and the couple everyone loves to hate serves up all kinds of advice.

  • Heidi advises to play the bad girl: “Remember, the good girl is the one who gets dumped all the time,” she says. “And more often than not, she gets dumped for the bitch! How many ‘Brad left Jen for Angelina’ stories do you need to hear to know this?”
  • Heidi on plastic surgery: “It’s your JOB to look good. Nobody’s born perfect, but you CAN get there if you want by working hard at it and letting the beauty of modern science handle the rest.”
  • Spencer on being a villain: “There is no greater pleasure on Earth than tweaking someone who is just simply asking for it.”
  • On playing with the paparazzi: “Take a second to look at your surroundings and, if possible, incorporate them,” they say. “Is it the holiday season? Find a guy dressed as Santa Claus and sit on his lap.” And never, ever hide your beautiful self — “unless you’re really ugly, and if you are, you may want to skip ahead to the plastic surgery chapter.” [Source: NYPost; Photo: Getty Images]
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