LiLo Wants Gaga


Back in the day, if celebrities had crushes on each other, it was up to their handlers to make the collaboration (or sex) happen. But thanks to Twitter, stars can fling hopeless fan mail just like ordinary people…and we get to watch! Take Lindsay Lohan, who was so enraptured by Lady Gaga‘s “Bad Romance” video that she tweetedi want to do a mini movie music video with @ladygaga in la, nyc, and all over europe…@ladygaga OBSESSED WITH YOUR NEW VIDEO! you’ve just become epic in my book.” Watch the drool, Lindsay! What will Samantha Ronson think?

Gaga has yet to respond, reaffirming the danger in such public displays. LiLo may have crazy name recognition, but we now know she can’t just call Lady Gaga’s people and hook up a dinner date in front of paparazzi. No, she’s been reduced to fantasizing about the two traveling the world together, and sending gushing tweets in hopes that the object of her affection will say “omg i totally want to fly around and film you too! new BFFs (maybe more)!” Not that we don’t want it to work. Oh, how we hope it works.

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