Miracle Whip Embraces Its Terrible Ad Campaign, Declares War On Stephen Colbert


A couple weeks ago, Stephen Colbert responded to Miracle Whip’s XXXXXtreeeeeme!!!!! mayo-bashing ad campaign with a youth-targeting ad of his own proving that mayonnaise is, in fact, the most SKAAAATEBOARD WOOOOOO!!!! condiment of them all.

This week, Miracle Whip responded to Colbert with this inflammatory memo:

Miracle Whip

It’s nice to see the Miracle Whip people at least acknowledge and embrace the ridiculousness of their original campaign, as well as to recognize the potential publicity explosion of getting into a condiment war with Colbert Nation (albeit one they will assuredly lose).

I would’ve expected their response to have come in the form of some disheartened legal document humorlessly clarifying the errors in Colbert’s broadcast, but that would’ve just been TOO MAYO. Your move, Colbert.

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