Enrique Iglesias Is Still Sensitive About His Penis Size


ENRIQUE-PENISEnrique Iglesias is known as many things to many people. To some, he is merely the son of legendary crooner Julio Iglesias. To others, he is the puppet master of the dance floor, or the “pista de baile.” And to many, he is nothing more than that dude with the mole and a small D.

Some of you may remember a while back when Enrique was quoted as saying “I can never find extra-small condoms, and I know it’s really embarrassing for people – you know (whispered, with a hand blocking his mouth from the camera) from experience.” (emphasis ours) He went on to claim that this was all a misunderstanding, and that he did not, in fact, use finger condies on his peen to have sex.

But the information stuck with the public at large, as it were. And now, Enrique is fighting back.


By likening his penis to a gigantic, brass stripper pole.

This slightly NSFW music video for his song “Sad Eyes” shows Enrique on an average afternoon, putting his mouth up to a television screen advertising phone sex, masturbating, and then having a dream where he is the objet d’sire of some comely young lass. Who then uses his penis as a stripper pole. You can watch it here in plain English, but get the tissues ready! In case you either cry or masturbate.

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