Miss Cali Looking For Carrie Prejean Double?


Carrie Prejean

We know beauty pageant contestants can be catty, but we didn’t realize the same goes for the pageants. The folks at Miss California have been sniping at Carrie Prejean ever since she blamed her stance on gay marriage for her dethroning, but we thought it’d be over after she settled her suit and word of her sex tape (sorry, sex tapes!) leaked to the public. But beauty and mercy just don’t mix.

According to TMZ, the producers of the Miss Cali pageant—already this weekend!—are looking for a look-a-like to play Prejean for what will undoubtedly be a less-than-respectful skit. Think they’ll go for the obvious Carrie reference and douse her with pig’s blood? If they find someone worthy of the role (supposedly no one had “nailed it” yet), we’re sure the footage will get out.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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