The Five Cheesiest Moments From New Moon



Twilight Saga: New Moon review time! We caught New Moon last night (yes, squeee!), and while the movie will undoubtedly make Twi-hards bubble over with excitement as the title card rolls, the much-anticipated film was filled with moments of ridiculous lines, shots, and less-than-Pixar quality animation. [Ed. note: While Taylor Lautner standing in the rain shirtless, above, may seem to qualify as cheese-tastic, there were far too many squeals of joy in the theater for us to knock it.]

Here are our top five most unintentionally hilarious moments (and yes, there are spoilers up ahead):

5. The animated wolves. If they looked fake on the big screen, we can’t imagine how horrible they’ll be on our 27″ screens on DVD.


Four more Velveeta-licious moments after the jump!

4. Jacob threatening little Alice with this line: “Things are about to get ugly.” We commend Ashley Greene for maintaining her composure and hope for a bloopers reel on the DVD.


3. While we thought the movie lacked some serious steaminess from our favorite star-crossed lovers Bella and Edward, their grunt-filled, restrained kiss on her birthday was the worst. Vampires don’t have souls; can’t we take away their ability to slurp and moan, too?


2. Jacob’s birthday gift to Bella: a mother-effing dreamcatcher. It’s no wonder she later tells him, “it was always him [Edward].” A real man doesn’t shop at Spencer’s Gifts, Jake!


1. Jacob whispering some inaudible Quileute sweet nothings into Bella’s ear just before his #5,792 attempt to lock lips. As if that was going to make her forget someone as dazzling as Mr. Cullen?


Despite the oft-oozing cheese and audience giggles at inappropriate moments, we still left the theater happy as clams. We are Twi-hards, after all! Was it worth waiting in the long lines and braving the screaming girls? Leave your thoughts and favorite moments from the movie in the comments. [Photos: Summit Entertainment]

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