The Five Most Awesome Moments From New Moon



Now that we’ve revealed the Five Cheesiest Moments from The Twilight Saga: New Moon, let’s discuss what made the Twi-hards go wild. Here are our top five favorite moments from the much-anticipated sequel. Spoilers ahead!

5. We’ll be honest. We thought Anna Kendrick‘s role as Jessica in Twilight was annoying and poorly acted. Homegirl stepped it up for New Moon! She provided some of the most (intentionally) funny moments in the film as she frankly expressed her annoyance with Bella’s depression and lack of appreciation for shopping.


Our top four moments after the jump… 

4. Dakota Fanning rocked it as fair-haired Jane, the petite yet lethal member of the Volturi. Her eerily calm demeanor as she bestowed excruciating pain on others was convincingly creepy.


3. We anxiously awaited the embrace in Volterra for almost two hours. While we would have loved an even steamier reunion makeout sesh, the Volturi came in and killed the moment. Regardless, Bella tackling a shirtless Edward was undoubtedly drool-inducing. 


2. Jacob Black’s abs. While we at the FABlife are mostly Team Edward, we had no complaints about underage Taylor Lautner running around in nothing but jorts for most the movie. While he has talked about the strict diet and workout regime he had to stick to achieve his bulging werewolf look, Lautner’s got buffness in his genes


1. Michael Sheen as Aro, leader of the Volturi, was a pleasant, hilarious surprise. Our Twi-hard heads were so clouded with dreams of werewolf abs and Edward sexual tension, that we hadn’t gotten too excited about the new faces of Twilight. He was deliciously flamboyant, subtly evil, and exactly what a leader of the vampires should be.


What did you love about New Moon? Was it better than Twilight? Share your thoughts in the comments. [Photos: Summit Entertainment]

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