Lady Gaga Turns Average Flotation Device Into “Jacket”


Lady Gaga is continuing on with her non-stop promotional tour of “The Fame,” even taking time to stop by NBC’s Titanic lifeboat, the S.S. Jay Leno, for a quick “Bad Romance” jaunt. Last night’s theme seemed to be “S&M Plane Makes Water Landing,” as a group of Pulp Fiction gimps did the Thriller dance behind Gaga, wearing a jacket with built-in headrest. Still love this song, but it should be noted that the back-up dancers totally steal the show. J-ing off and Riverdancing? Yes and yes.

This was pretty good, but nowhere near as good as my new favorite jam (admittedly from ’07) discovered while perusing RuPaul‘s Celebrity Playlist on Itunes. (NSFW)

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