Taylor Lautner Explains The 3 Types Of Twilight Fangirls


Taylor Lautner sat down with Conan O’Brien on The Tonight Show last night, glowing with the knowledge that New Moon made almost three times its budget in one weekend. After describing a fan riot in Brazil (“there were flexi-cuffs on the doors…[they] just went Pop! Pop! Pop!”), the underage werewolf broke down the three types of fangirls he encounters while gallivanting across the globe to hawk his vampire movie/money-printing machine. They are as follows:

  • Screamers: “The most mild fan…usually we do not meet fans who do not scream.”
  • Criers: “You feel really bad…you want to do something, so you grab their hand or give them a hug, and it just gets worse. Then they are literally on their knees crying.”
  • Hyperventilators: “You don’t really have to worry that much, because they just pass out. They just *snaps* are gone.”

Wait, what about adult women uncomfortable with Bella’s extreme passivity but can’t stop watching anyway? And those moms who want Taylor to sign their underwear? Maybe they all scream too. As funny as Lautner’s anecdotes were, the highlight of the interview was when Conan revealed the junior athlete can catch grapes in his mouth from a long distance. Watch the feat—along with yet another shirtless clip from New Moon—after the jump.

Remarkable! And with no CGI, too! If this whole movie star thing doesn’t pan out for Taylor, there’s always the circus.

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