Taylor’s Rolling Stone Cover: Enjoy It, Ladies!



We were chatting with our lady pals at PopEater today about the conversation going around that it’s somehow creepy to admire Taylor Lautner‘s ripped bod because he’s 17 years old and thus, “illegal.” Well, we’re giving you permission to drool, Tay-fans. Never mind the fact that he’ll be 18 in just 2.5 short months (2/11/10, OMG!), but isn’t it time we women we’re allowed to get a little creepy with our objects of lust? After all, no one thought twice about the hordes of grown men obsessively ogling at Britney, Lindsay and The Olsen Twins through out their teen years. Why the web was – and still is – full of clocks counting down the seconds until Mary-Kate and Ashley became legal to date (as if they’d touch any of you middle-aged pervs).

So the time has come for the women of America to have their moment. The dude’s on the cover of Rolling Stone in a wet t-shirt, for Christ’s sake! What else are we do to? For the record, it’s not illegal to fawn over his body, it’s just not really kosher to touch it in some states before he turns 18 – California being one of them. But hey – if you come across him in Montana and things get (consensually) hot and heavy, it’s 100% legal! [Photo: RollingStone]

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