9 Adorable Suri Cruise Moments Of ’09



The time has come to sit back, dust the cobwebs off the pop culture section of your brain, reflect on the past year and give thanks. We’ve already looked back at 9 Reasons We’re Thankful For Lady Gaga In ’09 with gratitude for the pure spectacle she has brought to our lives. Now it’s time to thank Suri Cruise, yes that’s right Suri Cruise, for being just delightful in 2009.

Scroll through our 9 Adorable Suri Cruise Moments Of ’09 because this tot was arguably more interesting and entertaining than her two parents combined this year. Sorry, Tom and Katie but you’ve been upstaged. From sporting her own pair of high heels (on multiple occasions) to slurping down her own Starbucks drink this precocious little lady’s personality has truly shined. [Photo: Splash News Online]

1. Suri Loves Ice Cream
2. Suri Sports High Heels
3. Suri Drinks Her Own Starbucks
4. Suri Crashes Film Set
5. Suri Ditches Heels For Adorable Rain Boots
6. Suri Is Not Amused
7. Suri Can Entertain Herself
8. Suri Is A Princess
9. Suri Shops

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