9 Reasons We’re Thankful For Lady Gaga



Thanksgiving is a time for us all to sit ’round a table of turkey n’ pie and express what we’re thankful for. Naturally we’re grateful for our family, friends, and health, but we’ve also gotta hand it to Lady Gaga for spicing up our lives in 2009. From memorable performances to political activism, Gaga has inspired us all to take risks, stand up for our beliefs, and accessorize with teacups. Here are nine reasons theFABlife is thankful for Lady G’ this holiday season.

9. Lady Gaga’s fashion choices, oft-scrutinized but always eye-opening. When Gaga showed up to a German interview in nothing but black tights and a Kermit-laden coat, some thought she’d lost her mind. When the interviewer inquired about her froggie get-up, she replied “I dress this way all the time because it inspires my life. I dress this way because my whole life is art and my whole life is performance.” Say what you will about her risk-taking style; you can’t deny her influence. How many Gagas did you see this Halloween?


8. Her vagina has feelings too. Despite consistently wearing nothing but a leotard and tights, haters continue to speculate whether Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite. When asked about the rumor during a radio interview, Gaga comically responded, “I’m not offended, my vagina is offended.”


See the top seven reasons we’re grateful for Gaga after the jump.

7. She can out-outrageous Madonna. While performing “Love Game” and “Poker Face” at the MuchMusic Awards, fire sparked from her studded bustier. Sorry Gaultier pointy bra, in the words of Heidi Klum, “you are out.”


6. She’s proving to have staying power. We cannot get her latest single, “Bad Romance,” out of our heads and her  visually captivating music video has been raking in the views since its debut two weeks ago. There’s just something so addictive about watching her prance around in 12-inch McQueen heels while preparing to light her Russian lover on fire, ya know?

5. Some carry a flask, some carry a Crunk Cup, the Lady carries a porcelain tea cup. She need not offer an explanation as to why.


4. PS22‘s performance of “Just Dance.” While we love these kids singing just about anything, the two sassy soloists in front always brighten our day.

3. While we thoroughly enjoyed Gaga’s bloody rendition of “Paparazzi” at the 2009 Video Music Awards, she really won our hearts with her acceptance speech for Best New Artist, wherein she dedicated the award to “God and the gays.” Amen!

2. Though Gaga may not have been the only outrageous performance at the 2009 American Music Awards, she was the only one who played a flaming piano while donning a nude bodysuit and light-up alien-inspired skeleton. Did we mention that she also sounded amazing? Jennifer Lopez is going to have to do a lot more than just lip sync in her “Louboutins” if she wants to keep up with the pop competition!

1. Gaga wants equal rights! When does she want ‘em? Now! Last month, stripped out of her fantastical outfits, Gaga spoke passionately about gay marriage before 250,000 fellow activists in DC at the National Equality March. It’s nice to see that beneath the wigs, crazy shades, and ever-growing shoulder pads, lies a woman crusading for what she believes in.


Did we miss any memorable Gaga moments from 2009? Leave your favorite performances, outfits, or statements in the comments.

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