VIDEO: Did Someone Try to Kill Puff Daddy on HSN?


Last night, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs appeared on one of the best TV stations on our dials, the Home Shopping Network, to help move some T.J. Maxx overstock — i.e. colognes, perfumes and bathrobes from his Sean John line. The setting was perfect. There was Puffy, as relaxed as ever in a finely tailored suit, relaxing in HSN’s reimagined “Pimp Pad.” By his side, one of HSN’s Stepford Wives, this time a classy Kate Gosselin who did most of the shilling while Sean did the backstroke through his coin pool by her side.

Each of the following videos we present to you here has their own special moments, but we’d like to kick things off with something quite curious. During Puffy’s quite moving “King and Queen” speech, a loud bang rings out from off camera. While it could easily have been something as innocent as a display of Christmas Cat Sweaters collapsing to the ground, we can’t help but feel a sinister suspicion that someone tried to off Puffy in his most relaxed and unguarded state: Selling things on the Home Shopping Network. Listen to the first 1:30 of the following video to see the events transpire, or the entire thing if you’re willing to part with $57 for “I Am King” cologne.

The next video, romantically entitled “Sean Diddy Combs Ultra Plush Fleece Robe,” Diddy takes a call from a fan named CLINIQUE who clearly lives inside a computer monitor (at 3:16). She gets her flirt on with him (as anyone would), put it’s at 3:50 where HILARITY ENSUES!! Diddy is literally a rere genius from space (his proof is in his answer):

“Mmm. I Like It.” — Clinique Also one of the robe colors is “Gunmetal,” which is genius.

Ahead, Puffy puts the moves on his co-host…

Sean is a genius on many levels, mainly with the women. Watch as he puts the move on Kate Gossy. He asks her out — and she says yes! Also, adorable southern lady (read: hoarder) calls in at around 5:30, and Puffpuff remains a perfect gentleman.

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