Rihanna Confirms Nude Photos, “They Were For My Boyfriend”


Rihanna recently confirmed to Hot 97 that it was really her in those nude photos someone leaked last May. “They were for my boyfriend at the time,” she told the station, “if you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him.” Yes, even with the public embarrassment she suffered after they leaked (“I thought, ‘Oh great, so now there’s nothing they don’t know about me and my private life'”), Rihanna is standing firm that providing naked photos of yourself is a lady’s romantic obligation. Making mom blush is just collateral damage.

“It was humiliating and it was embarrassing—especially my mom having to see that,” she continued, explaining that she sent flowers before breaking the news. “I was nervous [but] when the world is against me, she’s always there supporting.” Considering the same can’t be said about Chris Brown (who denied leaking the photos), maybe she should reconsider her stance on boudoir photography.

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