HOT ITEM OF THE WEEK: Jake Gyllenhaal Gets A Steelers Tattoo Right Above His Oscar-Nominated Ass


Jake Gyllenhaal, who’s been filming a movie in Pittsburgh for the past month (working title: Bridge Sandwich), revealed a new interestingly-placed  inked football allegiance on Jimmy Kimmel last night:

Jake Gyllenhaal Steeler Tattoo

You can watch the clip of Gyllenhaal showing off his new Steelers tramp-stamp here.

Say what you will about celebrity sports fans (and this is pretty dead-on), but I’ll take a tattooed Gyllenhaal over a Simpson sister in a Romo jersey rooting for my team any day. Bold stance, I know. But that’s why they call me “Johnny Bolds”.

Should he choose to follow-through with his Steeler-fandom, Gyllenhaal will join the eclectic ranks of these celebrity Steeler fans:

Snoop Dogg:

Snoop Dogg Steelers

Bret Michaels:

Bret Michaels Steelers

Charlie Daniels:

Charlie Daniels

Barack Obama:

Barack Obama Steelers

(Granted, he’s from Chicago and all Presidents hold up jerseys of the Championship-winning teams that visit the White House, but do most presidents appoint a team’s owner ambassador to Ireland? The judges say this counts).

Coincidentally, this group is actually the NFL’s desired Super Bowl Halftime Show for 2011. If Charlie Daniels isn’t busy, of course.

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