Will ABC Now Cancel All of Rihanna’s Upcoming Appearances?



The above image, courtesy of TMZ, shows pop superstarlet Rihanna shooting a scene for an upcoming music video, wearing nothing more than a bullet bra and Mickey Mouse helmet. And wouldn’t you know it, one of her ammunipples simply busted out of her Rambo-esque unmentionables.

Can you imagine? Here she is, dressed like slutty Mickey Mouse headed to some sort of apocalyptic topless battle. The face of the Disney Corporation — and, by default, the ABC Network — dressed like their mascot, naked, in some sort of hopeless war.

Which makes one wonder: Given that ABC has canceled 3 of Adam Lambert‘s appearances following his controversial AMA performance (specifically Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel, and New Year’s Eve with Ryan Seacrest — arguably the gayest show the network has ever put on), what sort of consequences will Rihanna face given the above photo? Not that they should, mind you, but it just seems fair given all of their “High and Mightiness” as of late. Fake oral sex and a gay kiss has GOT to be as bad insinuating that your company’s mascot is some sort of totalitarian Big Brother with a bonus areola hangin’ out of a bullet belt bra, right? Right?!?!

Well, in a perfect world, probably. But in the world we live in today, probably not. Double standards, hypocrites, and all that jazz hands.

We’re just hoping the network doesn’t fire Dick Clark for having a name that could also easily be a term for a dirty gay sex act. (Usage: “Don’t you just love it when your man finishes your day off with a Dick Clark from behind?”) In other news:


Check out our interview with Adam Lambert after the AMAs here.

UPDATE: Adam will be appearing on ABC’s The View on Thursday, December 10. As well as the Barbara Walters’ “10 Most Fascinating People of 2009,” set to air December 9, aka “The Day 10 Fascinating People Will Cry on National Television.” So… (long pause)… I guess we can all get on with our lives now? Hoorah. (Not to be confused with “Prostitution Hoorah.”)

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