Cody the Convenience Store Dog Fired By Nazi War Criminal Health Inspector


Cody, the best dog who has ever lived, has been accompanying his owner to the convenience store he also owns for the past few months. A giant brown dog with a people face, he was given his own uniform, and made it a habit of greeting people at the drive through in a move scene previously by Faith the Bi-Pedal Dog. We haven’t seen a dog with this much zazz since the human stylings of Hooch in the 1989 film Turner & Hooch.

But see, things aren’t always meant to be happy on this giant blue marble in the sky. That’s because an evil health inspector (who, for what it’s worth, probably throws kittens off the overpass) has claimed that Cody is violating the health code because the store happens to sell chips and candy to drunk people, when clearly the real health violation is the drunk people themselves. The identity of this health inspector is still a mystery, though we’re not above suggesting he or she is the world’s oldest living Nazi war criminal.

And so, the following video is something of a heartbreaker you see. It’s Cody’s last day. Buzzfeed has brought this petition to Let Cody Stay to the forefront, and we suggest you sign. For the dogs. For the drunks. But most importantly… for the children.

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