Hasselbeck Won’t “Pull Any Punches” with Lambert; Will Remain Giant, Ignorant Bitch



Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a woman whose claim to fame was looking like me in the 6th grade, showing her 1400 abs off in a Survivor buff back in 2001, and marrying a football player, is sharpening her claws for Adam Lambert’s Thursday appearance on The View. The controversy, which children forgot about 2 f**king weeks ago .9 seconds after the performance took place, is apparently still on the minds of those fine ladies over at The View. (We say this with no sarcasm about everyone save Elisabeth.)

According to Popeater:

Of all the fabulous argue-happy ladies on ‘The View,’ the conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck is the one that is most excited about controversial singer Adam Lambert’s taping today … because she smells blood in the ‘View’ water. “She can’t wait to bait Adam about his infamous inappropriate performance,” an insider told me, “and don’t expect her to pull any punches. She’s going for the kill.”

Oh, you best believe we will be live-blogging this sh*t. The segment was pre-recorded, as ABC wanted to take precautions in case, what? In case the guy sang into someone’s D like a microphone? Anyway we assume Adam made it out alive, and can only hope he served it right on back to her. Check in with us tomorrow morning as we liveblog the antics.

PS: Nice cameltoe presentation, Hassy.

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