Taylor Swift’s Bodyguard Handles Her Prank Callers



It’s kinda hard to believe someone as adorable, sweet and, uh, award-winning as Taylor Swift got bullied in school, but it’s true. Swift admittedly was on the receiving end of some schoolyard torment back in the day, and now that she’s famous, the same bullies that harassed her have been calling her cell phone and bugging her. We bet they probably just want to hang out with her, but Taylor isn’t having it.

When one former classmate called and asked for her, Taylor gave him a taste of his own medicine and them some. “He calls up my phone and he’s like, ‘Is Taylor there?’ and I just handed it to my bodyguard and I was like, ‘John, give him a talking to’. So he’s like, ‘Yo, you don’t ever call this number ever again. I put my fist through your face.’”

Justice served, Swift-style!  “It was really great, it was effective,” Swift said, probably adding a gleeful “Mwaaahahaha!” after. Clearly it pays to have a bodyguard. [Photo: GettyImages]

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