If More Babies Wore Weaves, Maybe I’d Want a Baby



So this is the best thing I’ve ever seen since someone invented f-me heels for infants. SandraRose.com brings us these glorious photos of an adorable little newborn lady wearing a custom made tiny lacefront weave. A baby weave!! Oh this is easily the greatest thing to happen to babies since fleece Native American costumes. Look how beautiful she looks! Like a grown up lady, but unknowing, and little. My God, if all babies looked like this, I might, you know, want to, like, have one. I could braid her hair, she could vomit in mine, it would be soooer random.


I believe commenter at the source kcicero said it best: “There is a reason God allowed this to happen the way that it did and that is all I will say.” That will now be my motto for, let’s see, everything. I’m agnostic, but still. In other news, where does a genius go to buy one of these weaves? Nowhere, you say? Interesting.

More photos below.

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