Owen Wilson Caught Up In Coffee Shop Sex Harassment Suit


Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson will think twice before hitting on waitstaff again. Four female employees of NY’s Cafe Habana are suing the coffee shop, accusing management of physical harassment and a sexually charged environment—the women allegedly lost shifts is they didn’t dress provocatively enough or refused to pose in the shop’s pin-up calendar. One even says a manager threatened her when she refused to go out with the Shanghai Knights star, a regular customer. From the suit:

Plaintiff [Monica] Mateo regularly served Hollywood actor Owen Wilson during her shifts at Cafe Habana. Mr. Wilson expressed an interest in Ms. Mateo and asked her out on a date for coffee. Ms. Mateo declined the date, but was soon after approached by Leslie Meenan…a member of management, who told Mateo “You know what coffee means in Hollywood, right?,” insinuating that Mr. Wilson was pursuing her sexually. Ms. Meenan continued, “don’t screw this up, Owen’s a good customer.”

Whether Wilson—who has yet to comment—wanted coffee or Hollywood coffee with Mateo, no one’s accusing him of any wrongdoing. But there’s a lesson here, guys. Sometimes that too-good-to-be-true coffee shop with the gorgeous, flirty staff is too good to be true.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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