Tiger Woods Mistress Jamie Jungers Says She’s No Escort


Jamie Jungers

Rachel Uchitel isn’t the only alleged mistress of Tiger Woods you shouldn’t say “hooker” around. Though Jamie Jungers admitted an affair with the philandering golfer on Today this morning (“it just became more of an actual relationship, a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship”), the lingerie model/waitress denied ever working for Michelle Braun, the escort-service manager who says Jungers was once on her payroll. “I never even heard of the woman’s name,” said Jungers. “Never in my life. I’ve never been an escort and I never will be an escort. This is all news to me.”

Braun isn’t backing down, however. “That’s just a lie,” she told E! News. “Of course she’s going to deny it. What girl is going to go on national TV and admit she was an escort?” Braun has even released tax forms connecting her to Jungers and fellow Tiger lady/porn star Holly Sampson. The madam’s allegations—which include Tiger paying $15,000 in NY to sleep with a “a petite, pillow-lipped looker named Loredana” (to quote the New York Post)—could get the sports star up to a year in jail for patronizing, if authorities decide to press charges. And the Tiger trap keeps getting deeper…

[Photo: NBC]

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