Lindsay Lohan Slammed For Child Rescue Claims


Lindsay Lohan can’t even fight child trafficking without catching grief. Recently in India to take part in a BBC documentary about poverty, Lohan tweeted “Over 40 children saved so far…within one day’s work…This is what life is about. Doing THIS is a life worth living!!!”

The Indian charity Bachpan Bachao Andolan took her ambiguous post to mean the actress was taking credit for their recent raid on a series of sweatshops—which took a lot more than “one day’s work” to pull off. “She was not even in the country when this raid happened,” a spokesperson told the Telegraph. “We’ll be complaining to the BBC and talking to our lawyers…would Lohan know where these workshops are?” Depends, does Ungaro use them? (Just kidding, Ungaro!)

The BBC rushed to defend their star. “Lindsay Lohan has just completed filming in India for a BBC Three project on child trafficking. We would like to stress that she did not say she was present at the raid, this is a misinterpretation. She was merely referring to a raid that happened connected to child trafficking—the subject of the programme. It is not uncommon for well known faces to be involved in current affairs programmes and often helps engage younger audiences with subjects they don’t traditionally go to such as international affairs. The final documentary will have all the hallmarks of BBC content—and will be high quality, informative and engaging.”

They just better hope the doc doesn’t have the hallmark of recent Lohan content—no audience.

[Photo: .com]

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