Steven Seagal: Lawman Episode 2 – Steven Seagal: Dog Whisperer


Seagal Lawman TitleI wasn’t willing to give up on A&E’s Steven Seagal: Lawman after the first episode, mostly because it’s a show about Steven Seagal riding around Louisiana arresting people, and the show did perk up a little. The COPS-style live action sequences remained borderline lame; one segment involved the cops rushing to the scene of a burglary, surrounding the house, and Seagal explaining every possible point of entry and escape, before eventually realizing that the burglar had already left the house (spoiler).

Another sequence involved the cops rushing to a scene of a possible drug deal, confronting a kid who lied about his first name, sending a drug-sniffing dog through the car and finding nothing, then booking the kid for outstanding traffic violations (and ultimately releasing him). Until Seagal constructs a crude silencer with a 2-liter bottle and tape and shoots someone through a door with it, like in On Deadly Ground but even more real, I’m not sure the action portions of this show will ever truly meet my expectations.

The reason Episode 2 was better, though, was the same reason anything is ever better than anything: The addition of dogs. Half the episode involved Seagal training his security dogs to maul the crap out of an actor posing as an intruder.

It’s like The Dog Whisperer meets Under Seige, minus most aspects of Under Seige and boobs (dog part starts at 3:13):

Lawman Dogs

After the jump, Seagal teaches his killer dog to play (thanks for this happening, universe):

Seagal Lawman

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