Rihanna Poses Topless, Grabbing Her Crotch, You Know, The Yoozh


Before partaking in my my weekly shave and a haircut from Vincent, I shall pass the time in this waiting room reading periodicals, as is customary.

Perhaps something about “The New Rules of Modern Business”? Ahh, the Gentleman’s Quarterly, what a fine…. OHHHH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!

Rihanna GQ Topless

[Masturbates eight times in mid barber shop. Wealthy woman in a chair with curlers goes “Well I never!”, goes to walk out in disgust but gets hit by a pie]

I say, barber, this is a rather randy piece of literature you’ve got here. I shall take it back to mine estate for further examination. Also masturbating. Fortnight!

Rihanna crotch grab after the jump:

Rihanna GQ crotch

(via ONTD)

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