Tiger’s Latest Drama: Drug Scandal



Tiger Woods‘ drama seems to get nastier by the minute. The latest today is-  not a new mistress – but a possible drug scandal. Canadian doctor Anthony Galea is currently under investigation in the United States by the FBI for handing out performance enhancing drugs to hundreds of athletes, including cheating Tiger!

Tiger was treated by Dr. Galea in February of this year after he was experiencing a slow recovery from knee surgery. He reportedly flew four times to see Tiger in Orlando, FL. Dr. Galea is also being investigated by Canadian authorities for smuggling, advertising, and selling unapproved drugs as well as criminal conspiracy.

When Tiger’s rep was contacted regarding the story, he shadily responded, “I would really ask that you guys don’t write this? If Tiger is NOT implicated, and won’t be, let’s please give the kid a break.” [Source: NY Times; Photo: Getty Images]

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