Tiger Woods Once Torn Apart By His Dad’s Cheating


Tiger Woods and father

Tiger Woods‘ father Earl taught him to play golf, but one ex-girlfriend wants everyone to know that Tiger might have picked up some of his womanizing ways from him, too. Tiger’s first girlfriend, Dina Parr, who dated the golf star when he was in high school and college, said that she consoled Tiger after he discovered his father cheating on his mother.

“He would just call crying and say, ‘My dad is with another woman,’ and that would be all he could say. He would be so upset,” Parr told E!. Woods had an incredibly close relationship to his father (who passed away in 2006), but Parr said “[his cheating] was the one thing about his dad that he could never get over.” Tiger may have fifteen mistresses speaking up and dragging his name through the mud, but it takes a special kind of ex-girlfriend to bring a deceased father into the mess.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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